First Telugu Director Who Started Shooting After Lockdown Tells His Opinion


Ravibabu’s Crrush is the principal film in Tollywood to start its shooting after the Lockdown. The film shooting is over 90% complete before the Lockdown and Ravibabu figured out how to finish the rest of the Talkie divide with only twenty-six individuals on the set.

The group is yet to can the staying five melodies. In any case, Ravibabu says that shooting the movies following all the conditions forced by the Government is simply inconceivable. “We can not shoot a romantic tale without an embrace scene. We can not do a family performer without ten individuals sitting one next to the other during supper,” he said in a meeting.

“It is hard to shoot films under current standards and limitations. It is smarter to sit at home than to shoot in these conditions,” he included. Ravibabu indicated about a potential direct online discharge for Crrush. This will imply that the business will make some intense memories in the coming days.

Naturally, not exactly about six movies have begun their firing despite the fact that it is a month since the Telangana Government gave consent for the shootings.


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