Comedy King Bramhi got angry on Social Media for Fake News…


Despite being a top comedian, Brahmanandam currently has no silver screen chances. On the other hand, his son Gautam is also not a hero. However, Brahmi, who is currently limited to three months with Corona Lockdown .. Comedian is not looking for opportunities .. Rumors have spread that he is going to act as a main lead in serials ..Also, the serial is also going to be in the comedy type. This fake news has been circulating on social media for the past four days. Brahmi feels like he has been invited to the silver screen.

Recently, however, Brahmanandam was shocked by the news that he was acting in serials. Corona has made people to live at home for the past three and a half months with a lockdown…. In these circumstances, he says that he has declined to leave the house for a few more days. However, during the lockdown, he is spending his time with reading books. Also he is spending most of the time with his grandson.


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