Oviya, Bigg Boss Controversial Girl Shut His Mouth Like a Boss


Oviya is one of those Bigg Boss (Tamil) candidates who rose to spotlight with her dynamic part in the unscripted TV drama and obviously, there followed a few debates.

One must value her guts when she shut up a grimy mouse who revealed to her that he simply completed masturbation. She stated, “Bravo. ” This occurred in a visit meeting she had with her fans via web-based networking media.

This sort of demeanor is required else, it is anything but difficult to get upset and hurt. Individuals via web-based networking media can be mean and attempt to burglarize away our respectability. In any case, Oviya didn’t give that opportunity, at any rate.

One should likewise value her self-centredness when she said that she happens to be her preferred challenger on the Bigg Boss Show. Others would believe that it was lowliness to take another person’s name. Correct?


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