Vikas Dubey Encountered Early Morning From Hyderabad to Kanpur, a Tale of 2 Encounters


Infamous hoodlum Vikas Dubey, who last Friday killed eight police officers with his cohorts, was prior today himself gunned down in an experience in Kanpur, precisely seven days after and in a similar city where last Friday’s killings occurred.

In what have been an emotional 24 hours, the hoodlum went from ‘giving up’ in Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain to being killed in Kanpur. He had been on the run for six days, before at long last giving up in Ujjain.

The present early morning experience, in any case, brought back recollections of a comparable experience that occurred December last. On December 6, 2019, four assault and murder denounced were shot dead by Hyderabad’s Cyberabad Police after they supposedly attempted to escape in the wake of being taken for a remaking of the wrongdoing scene.

In those days, much the same as today, the turn of events, while being invited by the overall population, left web based life forcefully partitioned. While one area hailed the police for ‘moment equity’, another named the experience as ‘extrajudicial homicide’. Additionally, in the two cases, the charged purportedly attempted to escape in the wake of grabbing weapons from the police.


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