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Youth Team Football Coach Speaks of His Journey And Struggles


Deep Moojrani, the young man from Mumbai is doing wonders in the field of football during this Coronavirus pandemic-forced lockdown situation. Deep is a head coach of the U18 and U12 I-League teams of Kenkre Football Academy, Mumbai.

The 27-year-old who has played for CasteloForte club in Lisbon, Portugal on a year-long contract and is an AIFF C-licensed coach in India, talks about his Football journey both as a player and a coach, in an exclusive interview with India.com
Honestly, coaching was always on the cards, once I complete my playing career. But, during my season in Portugal, I had two-three long term injuries, then after coming back I had yet another injury and that sort of became a pattern. That’s when I started coaching certifications and I started enjoying it. However, a lot of reasons made me choose coaching as a career.

I started coaching with a small set-up. Then, I realised coaching certifications aren’t enough. You start with a ‘D’ licensed course in India, which is a five-day-long course and then I realised it’s not going to be my everything. I then moved to the Barca Academy in Mumbai, wherein they have a completely different set-up and structure. I stayed there for a year and a half, tried to learn as much as possible for them. Now, I’m at the Kenkre Football Academy, which is a little more strictly in the professional league because I wanted some more competition. Kenkre plays in the youth I-league and I had the U-18 I-league team.

When it comes to dealing with kids, it is all about being patient because you know Football is a game of mistake. Everyone is going to make mistakes, even the best players do. So, you need to be patient with them, you need to give them the freedom to express themselves, you need to set a good environment so that they can take risks, they are free to make their own decisions and learn from them. if they don’t, then you guide them to the right answer. It is necessary to make them independent.

Everyone in India dreams of playing in Europe. It was a 45-day long trial and obviously, it was a great opportunity for me. So, fortunately after the trial, I signed a year-long contract it was a completely different experience for me. More than football, in the beginning, the language was the big barrier. The game there was much faster and physical. I was someone who used play at wing or the striker, I used to take one player and hold the ball for a long. But, when I went there before I get the ball, I had two players attacking me, so I had to react fast and had to cope with that. Because of that, I got used to it and I started thinking fast. I became a mature player after that and has helped me a lot.


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