Home Local News What was the link to Hyderabad for that scam?

What was the link to Hyderabad for that scam?


Investigators suspect links to Hyderabad in Kerala gold scam case NIA officials suspect that a large amount of money went from Hyderabad to Dubai. Officials say some evidence is available. Moreover, on the other hand, is already conducting a thorough investigation and also supports the same claim, as hawala money may have flown from Hyderabad to Dubai, with two teams already sent to Hyderabad by the authorities.

But they are trying to find out where and by whom in Hyderabad these funds went to Dubai. However, an investigation is underway into the scam, which has been linked to the Chief Minister of Kerala and several other officials. Swapna Suresh and Nair have already been arrested and remanded in the scam. The National Investigation Agency is investigating. The case was registered with full evidence that 30 kg of gold was brought to Kerala by flight.


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