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The social media segment of the TRS Force is completely silent!


Corona was under control in Telangana during the lock-down. As of June 1, there were no major cases. They thought that the spreading of the virus has been stopped. But after the unlock the cases increased at once. Criticism of the government grew.

At the same time, posts against the TRS government are being trolled on social media. There was also a campaign called ‘Where is KCR??’. Suddenly the heat on social media increased. Tribal posts were made ten days a week. Even those who have been neutral for years have blamed the government for the corona.

After that, the demolition of the secretariat, programs in the name of greenery, holding of houses, visits of ministers, etc., are being posted against the government in a row. Nowhere are large-scale anti-government news articles coming out against the government in the electronic media. But anti-government posts have increased on social media.

For years, only members of Congress were critical of the government. However, the Kashaya Dal became active after Bandi Sanjay took over as BJP president. They also raised anti-government posts.

On the other hand, at the same time, the TRS Force became social media silent. Their posts are not visible at large. There is no active counter attacking as previous they did. Only a few members of KTR supporting team are trying to counter attack by posting few posts.

Social media heat is increasing in Telangana politics as a whole. Thirty attacks on the ruling party are underway. It remains to be seen how the TRS Troops will deal with this attack in the coming days.


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