Home News Corona tests at a record level in the country

Corona tests at a record level in the country


The administrative capacity of corona tests in India is increasing day by day. The Central Department of Health has announced that over 5 lakh tests have been conducted at a record level for two days in a row. On Sunday, 5 lakh 15 thousand samples were tested across the country. On Monday, that number increased to 5 lakh 28 thousand. This is the first time that corona diagnostic tests have been performed in this range in a 24-hour period. With this, the total number of corona tests in the country has crossed one crore 73 lakhs.

About 64 per cent of the registered corona cases across the country have recovered. Only 33.80 per cent of the victims are receiving treatment, according to the Central Medical Department. Even if the victims recover at that level .. the number of cases is creating new records day by day.


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