Final decision on cinema halls on 31st: Kishan Reddy


Minister Kishan Reddy said a positive decision would be taken to open cinema halls across the country. On Tuesday, Kishan Reddy spoke to several celebrities from the film industry through social media. Bollywood production houses have also written letters agreeing to open cinema halls with 25 per cent occupancy from August 1.

We will announce the final decision on the 31st of this month. The fact is that the film industry has suffered because of Corona. Shooting can be done with the permission of the states. Submit letters from state units, exhibitors, and producer councils. The same thing was said to producer D. Suresh. Suresh said he had written letters from the Southern Chamber and the association. Letters to the Home Ministry will also be brought to the attention of the Prime Minister. There will be a positive decision on the film industry which will generate revenue for the Center and the states. Talk to the Union Finance and Broadcasting Ministers on GST and Property Tax issues. We will do everything the center can do for the film industry, ”he said. Producer D Suresh thanked Minister Kishan Reddy for listening to their concerns and responding positively.


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