Lawrence gives lucidity about Chandramukhi 2’s lead entertainer


For as long as scarcely any days, there have been a ton of gossipy tidbits about who the lead on-screen character in Chandramukhi 2 will be. While some have announced that Jyothika, who assumed the lead job, Ganga, in the first form has been drawn nearer again for the spin-off, hardly any others expressed that it could be Simran. Indeed, even Kiara Advani’s name is reputed to be getting looked at.

Denying every one of these bits of gossip, Lawrence took to Twitter saying that P Vasu is as yet dealing with the content, and that an official conclusion about the lead entertainer will be taken once the Covid-19 cases go under control.

The spin-off of the well known Rajinikanth’s movie will be coordinated by P Vasu, and Lawrence is supposed to assume a fascinating job. Sun Pictures is going to deliver the film.


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