Film on Ram Gopal Varma slowed down after Critics capture


It’s been as of late announced that a film writer and Critic named Prabhu is making a film, named Wrong Gopal Varma, in view of unconventional movie producer Ram Gopal Varma’s way of life and attitude. Comic Shakalaka Shankar is assuming the nominal job in the film.

The most recent update is that Wrong Gopal Varma’s shoot has been slowed down unexpectedly following the capture of questionable film critic Mahesh Kathi for his post on Lord Shri Ram. A few significant scenes were being picturised on Shakalaka Shankar and Mahesh Kathi throughout the previous hardly any days in a structure in Film Nagar, Hyderabad. There is no clearness on when Mahesh Kathi will be liberated.


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