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Indian Theaters Business Lockdown Loss Pegged At 9,000 Crore


Multiplex Association of India seems to be trying its level best to exert pressure on the Central Government to re-open the Cinemas in October. After a recent meeting with the Union Home Secretary, the association released an Open Letter demanding the re-opening.

They claim that the cinema exhibition industry would have lost up to 9000 Crore in Six Months of the Lockdown at the rate of a monthly loss of 1,500 Crore. A direct employment of over Two Lakh people and indirect employement of Lakhs of people got disrupted, they brought to the notice of the Government.

They listed various things explaining why cinema viewing can be safe and also gave examples of how several countries allowed the cinemas to re-open. The Government of India is skeptical about allowing the theaters  to open as the experts say that the Corona transmission may increase in closed auditoriums.

However, even if the Government allows to open, the problems of Exhibition Sector will be far from over since they face a herculean task to convince the audience and bring them to theaters like before. They will also have to follow several SOPs and reduced capacities which will further eat away into their Revenues.


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