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Robots upperhand over the humans in Bigg boss today


Bigg boss gave the task of humans vs robots yesterday to the team members. The task continued today as well.

Abhijit turned the game in his team’s favor:

Initially, the humans’ team looked strong with Akhil, Amma Raja Sekhar, Divi, Noel, Mehboob, and Sohail and the robot team had comparatively weak contestants like Gangavva, Ariyana, etc. As of yesterday, robots were on the losing slide. They lost one robot i.e. Devi and also robots were draining out of their charging. But today Abhijit was able to trick the humans’ team and able to get Divi inside the house to use the washroom. After she used the washroom, the robot team surrounded her and captured her, fed her food and ensured getting charging. The humans team realized it late that they were tricked by Abhijit and tried to enter the house but they couldn’t do so as they don’t have access to the house.

Sohail, Mehboob, and Akhil’s filthy language and rude behavior:

The got frustrated and members like Mehboob, Sohail, Akhil, and Monal shouted at the robots team. Sohail and Mehboob’s shouting looked like overacting. At some point, Sohail even used filthy language and even shouted at his own teammates. Mehboob also did the same. Monal kept on crying for reasons known only to her. Akhil also spoke rude to his teammate Divi on letting the team down. Sohail complained about manhandling by the robot’s team. Out of the human’s team, only Noel spoke with composure. When the robots team kept on questioning him, Abhijit told, it is part of the game and if one doesn’t like it, they are free to nominate him next week. But Sohail didn’t cool down and kept on raising the voice. He also spoke rudely to Ariyana.

Comedy touch in the serious game:

Later the game turned into a lighter vein. Robots planned to get charging from humans while they were asleep. Ariyana tried it by creeping into the garden but the humans found her and got alerted. As seen in the promo, Avinash went to Amma Rajasekhar and used his charging without his knowledge. The humans’ team came to know about this only after Avinash successfully got charging. Avinash is really doing justice to his role as an entertainer.The game will continue tomorrow as well.


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