Home Entertainment Reddy Girl Marries Kamma Boy. Girl’s Parents Kill Boy

Reddy Girl Marries Kamma Boy. Girl’s Parents Kill Boy


Yet another Honor Killing surfaced in Telangana and this time it is in Hyderabad. Hemanth of Chandanagar married Avanthi of the same area four months ago against the approval of the bride’s parents. Hemanth was abducted from Gachibowli and killed on Thursday.

Hemanth’s Body was found in the Sangareddy district. The father-in-law was reportedly against the marriage of Hemanth with his daughter. The killing took place because Hemanth belongs to a different case from Avanthi. Hemanth belongs to the Kamma caste while Avanthi is from the Reddy community, as per the Police FIR.

A case was registered in Gacchibowli Police Station limits and twelve people were arrested so far including Avanthi’s Parents. “I have been made a widow. I never imagined my husband would be killed. My uncle Yugandhar Reddy abducted my husband. Those responsible for my husband’s killing should be encountered,” Avanthi told the media.

All those who were arrested are of Avanthi’s family members. The mortal remains of Hemanth are in Osmania Hospital’s Mortuary. Avanthi also claims that Police did not respond when she called 100 when Hemanth was abducted on Thursday evening.


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