Home Entertainment Tollywood Killing Rosy Business for Saving Peanuts?

Tollywood Killing Rosy Business for Saving Peanuts?


Two Notable Telugu films – Anushka’s Nishabdham and Raj Tharun’s Orey Bujjiga are skipping their theatrical release and will stream online directly on OTT Platforms for this October 2nd as Gandhi Jayanthi Special. However, both films do not even have a minimum buzz in the audience.

Usually, filmmakers of notable movies spend around One to Two Crore minimum on film promotions. But the filmmakers who have taken the OTT Route are skipping the promotions and are pocketing the amount. Even a seasonal filmmaker like Dil Raju skipped promotions for V.

The costly outdoor promotions are anyways not possible due to the Coronavirus Pandemic even the digital promotions are ignored. This kind of attitude will only lead to less view for the OTT platforms which will discourage the OTT majors to bid higher for Telugu movies.

Digital Rights is a big revenue and if that is lost, the filmmakers will have to blame themselves. What they are saving today is peanuts when compared to what they might actually lose. This will also haunt them once the theatrical business becomes normal.


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