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Baahubali Producer’s Apprehension about RRR


one of the producers of the Baahubali series was asked an interesting question in an interview. He was asked to imagine the Pandemic in Bahubali times and he came up with a very interesting answer.

“I thank god every single day that the pandemic didn’t happen at that time. Back then, there is no understanding about the market outside both the Telugu States and there is no OTT Revolution. People around me keep saying ‘Just imagine if the Pandemic is around when you took the risk’,” he said.

“Rajamouli’s RRR is pretty much in a similar position with no idea about when the theatrical market will be normal. However, they can take solace from films like Baahubali and KGF. Back then, we did not have that either,” he added. Shobu had an OTT release in this Pandemic as his Uma Maheshwara Ugraroopasya skipped its theatrical release and streamed directly on Netflix. He is lining up one more film for an OTT release. As things stand today, RRR is postponed indefinitely. The movie was supposed to release for Sankranthi 2021 and now will not release before the second half of 2021. The team resumed the shoot recently hoping things will be normal very soon.


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