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Dubbaka By-Election: What Does A Possible Record Turnout Indicate?


The polling for Dubbaka by-election is currently underway. All the political parties have taken this election seriously and due to their efforts, it looks like Dubbaka is going to register a huge voter turnout. Until 11 AM, the voter turnout is 33.34%.

It is estimated to touch 80% by the close of the day. The polling is going on with extreme Safety measures due to the prevailing COVID conditions. In the 2018 Assembly elections, Dubbaka recorded a voter turnout of 85.99%. But a voter turnout in a by-election and with COVID around will be unimaginable.

Usually, Record Voter turnout is assumed to be an anti-government vote but that need not be the case always. The by-election is necessitated due to the sudden demise of sitting MLA Solipeta Rama Linga Reddy. TRS has fielded his wife, Sujatha as its candidate. Congress has fielded Cheruku Srinivas Reddy, son of former Minister, Cheruku Muthyam Reddy.

But the real contest is between TRS and BJP. The saffron party has fielded its senior leader, Raghunandana Rao as the candidate. The election is capable of changing the political scene in Telangana if BJP can manage to pull off a blinder. That will also change the scenario of the upcoming GHMC elections as well. The results will be out on the 11th of this month.


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