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Jeevitha Confirms Rajasekhar’s Health Condition


After the initial panic over senior hero  Rajasekhar’s condition after he was tested COVID positive, there was some good news from his daughter Shivatmika Rajasekhar that he was recovering steadily and out of the danger zone.

Today, Jeevitha Rajasekhar updated about his health once again. She updated that Rajasekhar was out of the major risk and very soon, he will be out of the ICU. Though Rajasekhar was in a dangerous situation earlier, he never hasn’t been on ventilator, clarified Jeevitha.

So, the progress regarding his health is slow and steady and out of the critical condition. Now, the doctors are trying to decrease the oxygen support gradually and soon he might be better.

Jeevitha thanked Rajasekhar’s fans and well-wishers who had been with him and kept Rajasekhar in their prayers.


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