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Sam Advised Him to Ask Chay About Divorce


When it comes to giving responses to her social media walls, Samantha always proved that she is the boss with a hint of a sense of humor in her own style. Today, a fan asked her to divorce Chaitanya and marry him.

samantha  simply wrote, “It’s not that simple. Do one thing. Ask Chaitanya.” Who would do that other than the superbly cool Samantha? Look at her confidence that’s on the peaks. The lovely couple always maintained this type of healthy vibes.

Now, tell us who would dare to ask Chaitanya the same when one knows his reply for sure? Sam and Chai are Tollywood’s cutest couple. Touchwood. Recently, Sam rocked Bigg Boss, Telugu show hosting it when Nag was busy shooting in Manali.

Be it the big screen or the small screen, now, social media, Sam always commands great attention with her bubbly presence in her unique style. That’s the kind of stardom she achieved in the Telugu Film Industry.


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