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I Wasn’t Going to Marry Him Unless He Got Down On His Knees


This must be how every girl feels about the way they would like their would-be to propose them and Kajal is no different as she had the same dreams as every common damsel. She wanted Gautam Kitchlu to get down on his knees to propose marriage.

She knew beforehand that he was going to propose as he already spoke to Kajal’s parents and go their permission before bringing the topic. In an interview, she said that she wasn’t going to marry him unless he proposes marriage getting down to his knees. How sweet was that like a fairy tale wedding!

Both were friends since long and therefore, Kajal thinks that the transition from friendship to marriage was smooth and natural. Even Gautam thinks that it’s a natural progression and he has no expectations on her. Both of them feel more responsible after their wedding.

Going by the interview excerpts, Kajal is obviously more talkative and gets into details while explaining things. On the contrary, Gautam seems to be more poised and answers in a brisk manner with simple words. Both complement each other quite well.


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