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Get Rid of People Thinking I’m Vijay Deverakonda’s Brother


Anand Deverakonda is currently very early in his career and he doesn’t think of balancing things in a certain kind of way as he still needs to prove himself as an actor and most importantly, not just Vijay Deverakonda’s brother.

Anand understands the need to get rid of the fact that people think that he is Vijay Deverakonda’s brother. There are many who thought Vijay Deverakonda has dubbed for ‘Middle Class Melodies’ for Anand. Their voices are very similar and Anand needs to develop his style.

He also understands that more the people keep listening to his voice, they would be able to get the difference. Right now he needs to work on his performances and prove himself so that people don’t remember him as just Vijay’s brother.

His recent interaction with a popular critic was a revelation and Anand’s knowledge about facts being the brother of an actor who proved himself big time is quite impressive. Hope, he understands his strengths and plans his career likewise not imitating his brother.


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