Home News Because of whom so much anger towards BJP?

Because of whom so much anger towards BJP?


The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Elections have led to many political upheavals. Most of the Seemandhras live in the city of Hyderabad. The TRS has set up pagodas in areas where Seemandhras mostly live. However, all sorts of analyzes are emerging on the reasons why the Seemandhras are not looking towards the BJP. Not to mention that the political situation prevailing mainly in Andhra Pradesh has changed in favor of the TRS in the Greater elections.

In the catchment areas… ..

Most of the Seemandhras are in Kookat Palli, Sherilingampally, Kuthbullapur and Jubilee Hills areas of Hyderabad city. Many came from AP and settled here in terms of business and employment. Kookat Palli is also known as Konaseema. There are a number of business families in Jubileehills. It is mostly made up of people from all walks of life. However, the Telugu Desam media targeted the YCP.

YCP is the cause.

The YCP is propagating that the reason for the BJP’s defeat in these areas. Complaints have also been lodged against the BJP leadership. The YCP seems to have suffered a major blow to the BJP by supporting the TRS as the culprit. The BJP is also conducting a post-mortem on the reasons for this, as most of the 55 seats won by the TRS come from these areas.

TDP vote bank also.

However, TDP sympathizers are also high in these areas. Most of them are high. The TDP has won several times in these areas in the past. This time, however, the TDP vote bank seems to be shifting towards the entire TRS despite the TDP candidates being in the ring in view of the AP political developments. In addition to the issue of the capital Amravati, TDP sympathizers have been handing over power to the BJP as it fully supports the Jagan government. In addition, the TRS is said to support the ruling party as it needs business support. On the whole, all TDP and YCP sympathizers have distanced themselves from the BJP in the Hyderabad elections


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