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Large Set Back for Star Hero With Huge Penalty?


On the off chance that the reports on the Times of India are anything to pass by, our Tamil and Telugu actor Vishal Reddy had a colossal hampered as to a legal dispute and he may need to pay a heavy add up to the agent who slapped a legal dispute on the entertainer.

The court has requested Vishal to take care of Rs. 50 lakhs to the lender Vijay Kothari who gave him the sum during the creation of the actor’s ‘Sandakoi 2’. At the point when the contribution weren’t paid, obviously the lender moved toward the court for the installment.

We don’t have any update or affirmation from Vishal or his official sources about the legal dispute and the court’s structure. At the present time, the entertainer is occupied with his forthcoming film ‘Enemy’ helmed by director Anand Shankar.


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