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Bhagyashree says her fans must have cursed her better half for whisking her away: ‘Everyone used to abuse him, at that time only I loved him’


Bhagyashree, who shot to stardom with her debut film Maine Pyaar Kiya more than 30 years ago, has revealed that she had rejected director Sooraj Barjatya’s offer seven times but would feel sad whenever she made him go back. Despite the film’s success, the actor quit Bollywood to get married and have kids. The actor said her husband Himalaya Dassani was hated by her fans for whisking her away.

Talking about getting married and walking away from films at the height of stardom, Bhagyashree said she was barely 19 and “did not understand that people strive their entire life to achieve what God had blessed me with”.

Talking about husband, she told in an interview, “Poor man, he must have been cursed by all the fans who were upset that he had whisked me away from Bollywood. Everyone used to abuse him; I think at that time only I loved him (smiles). But both of us were young and in love with each other. I understand now that it’s easy to give in to jealousy and not want your girlfriend or wife to be the cynosure of all eyes.”

Bhagyashree additionally uncovered that she had turned down the film however Sooraj Barjatya was diligent in persuading her. “I really told Soorajji (Sooraj Barjatya) that I would not like to work in movies, a reality he was unable to comprehend. The subject was lovely and I enjoyed what he described to me. However, toward its finish, when he needed to know whether I would do the film, I revealed to him that notwithstanding loving the content, I wouldn’t have the option to take it up. He got back to me multiple times, with changes in the content to satisfy me, and each opportunity I would think of another reason. However, on the eighth time, I was unable to make one up and gave my gesture to the film.”


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