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Southern heroes need it – KGF Yash


There are a ton of likenesses in the idea of Goldmines in ‘KGF” and how that idea itself ended up being a goldmine for his vocation. Discussing the goldmines idea in a meeting, Yash said that there is secret around the idea of ‘Goldmines’ itself.

There are many stories in real life similar to his KGF goldmine across the countries and therefore, he wanted to explore them in his ‘KGF’. The entire subject has that much-needed mystery around it. Yash also opines that his film is a genuine film that has refreshing tones to it.

Talking about the heroes in the South Film Industries, Yash thinks that it’s a requirement for the heroes in the South to be multi-talented knowing several arts like fights, able to speak in various languages, dancing skills etc.

After the release of the teaser of ‘KGF Chapter 2‘ recently, the expectations are soaring high and his fans are totally charged up with speculations on how the movie would be and how Yash’s craze would grow to the next level after the release.


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