Die Hard Fan Paid NTR’s Pending Challan, Asking RRR Tickets


A month ago, Telangana State Police gave a challan for Jr NTR’s vehicle for intersection as far as possible while going on Nehru Outer Ring Road. As there was still time, he didn’t pay the challan yet.

Notwithstanding, an over-excited fan paid the fine of Rs 1035 and posted the challan via online media. Thus, he expressed, “I need you to give the passes to RRR for me and my nearest tweeples either in Mallikarjuna or Bhramarambha theaters.”

What an excellent deal? It’s interesting to perceive how the fans show their adoration and anticipate something consequently. Despite the fact that it would seem that being childish, each film fan might want to have advance tickets for the forthcoming masterpiece RRR.

While this is the situation with fans, enemies of fans are scrutinizing NTR’s anxiety for fans at the sound delivery capacities encouraging them to be cautious and return home securely while he was given a challan for overspeeding.


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