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Music Director Gives Unexpected Shock, Salaar Remake!


The music overseer of Salaar is Ravi Basrur. He is a similar person who has accomplished the notorious work on the KGF films. Fans were excited with his incorporation to Salaar. Yet, he has now stunned them all.

In a meeting to the press, as of late, Ravi Basrur said nonchalantly that Salaar is a redo of Ugramm. This comes when there is a ton of discussion happening all around to choose whether Salaar is a change or not. The music chief’s words have added fire to the discussion.

It is still, notwithstanding, not affirmed that Salaar featuring Prabhas is a redo, however. The other primary columns, maker and chief Prashanth Neel has completely denied it being a change. They could be correct and the music chief as well, also if as many foresee, Salaar is an overhaul on Ugramm.

Whatever might be the situation, there is a gigantic buzz on Salaar. Prashanth Neel is wrapping it up rapidly. The main timetable is as of now finished. He is hoping to begin another one soon.

Shruti Haasan matches up with Prabhas for Salaar. The buzz in the exchange is that Salaar will hit the enormous screens remarkably for Sankranthi 2022. We need to check whether it very well may be accomplished or not.


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