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As Corona cases increment, Mahesh posts uncommon message for fans


The administration of Telangana allowed to shoot and a few movies went on floors also in the most recent week or thereabouts. Yet, as the cases expanded, numerous shoots have been canceled.

Presently, over the most recent couple of days, the cases have gone to another level particularly in Hyderabad. Such huge numbers of stars have been requesting that everybody be sheltered and deal with themselves.

Today, Mahesh made a significant post and mentioned his fans to adhere to all principles, be protected and download the Arogya Sethu APP which gives key information about the cases in the nation and what number of are affected.

Mahesh Babu tweeted that….

Since the lockdown was eased, the cases seem to be going up. It’s time we protect ourselves and the people around us. Always wear a mask when stepping out. Be aware of your surroundings, maintain social distancing and follow all the safety measures. Also, download the Aarogya Setu app if you haven’t as yet. This will help you track positive cases and alerts you if you are in close proximity to anyone who is covid positive! It also makes access to healthcare and emergency services easier.
Let’s all be safe, be aware and be responsible!!


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