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Vantalakka is Back…Karthika Deepam


Premi Vishwanath is a celebrity in Telugu, entertaining Telugu audiences. The Character Vantalakka is an outrageous craze on social media. In the evening, many Telugu people are waiting for the kartika Deepam and Vantalakka. Like all serials in Lockdown, there is no update about Vantalakka.

But… even if the powers of serial shooting are allowed, the TVs are coming up with the latest promos. This has led to comments on social media saying that the Vantalakka from Kerala is yet to come. There are no updates on serial.

Late or even the best of the Vantalakka of the dishes. From Hyderabad, When Location Goes, Sanitizer, Temperature Check, How To Make Makeup Men, How To Take Awareness All those will be taken Video and will be shared with the audience.



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