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Sam Accepted Mama’s Challenge…


Samantha Akkineni, the name itself orders a lot of furor and when she is seen alongside her father-in-law Nagarjuna in one casing joyfully trading grins, at that point it is no not exactly a visual blowout for Akkineni fans.

She took up #greenindiachallenge started by MP Santosh Kumar and assigned by Nagarjuna. Investigate this pic, she is planting saplings and it’s charming to see her father-in-law helping her.

Further, expressing gratitude toward MP Santosh Kumar, Sam designated Keerthy Suresh and Rashmika Mandanna to respond to this call and plant saplings. Along these lines, fans will be hanging tight for them to acknowledge the demand and post their pics.

This is unquestionably a decent activity and when celebs take up such difficulties, it would be moving for their fans, even.


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