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Is this Mass Hero Taking Big Risk?


There is by all accounts just a single way and that is certainly the OTT releases for the makers who can’t bear to remain back and trust that the auditoriums will open up and pull in the crowds back to them.

The discussion has got it that Ravi Teja’s ‘Krack’ may likewise settle on an OTT release. For the scope of Ravi Teja as the mass star in the Telugu States and for the class, OTT release appears t be a major hazardous advance with respect to the creators.

In addition, Ravi Teja’s fans would be profoundly baffled as they might want to watch their Mass Maharaja in the theaters.

With his sort of mass fan following for the most part directed in the mass crowds, the producers may need to reevaluate about that, once more.


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