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Strange incident in a TV showroom, The whole family who went to buy a new TV was infected.


A strange incident took place in Srikakulam district. A family bought a new TV and brought Corona as a gift. The couple from Tekkali Kodraveedhi bought a TV at an electronics shop on Tekkali Main Road. Sadly the joy of buying a new TV did not last long. If the scene is cut, the owner of the electronic shop that bought the TV, along with seven family members, was diagnosed with corona. Immediately closed the shop and inquired about the details of the customers who came there. The couple who bought the TV were shocked to learn of the matter later.

Authorities alerted customers who purchased items at the shop. While everyone was advised to undergo tests .. The couple who recently bought a TV fell ill.
Tested carefully in advance. Shocked by the positive floating in the reports. Along with the couple who bought the TV, the daughter and son-in-law also got a total positive diagnosis. The daughter of a corona-infected couple is working as a lab technician at Tekkali District Hospital.

Upon learning of this, a riot broke out among the hospital staff she worked for. Fellow staff in the lab also performed the tests. However, all of them breathed a sigh of relief. Went to buy TV and sadly the whole family fell victim to corona. However, the shop owner wanted to know how Corona got infected. He himself has a branch in that place. So, he even traveled to Palasa and Tekkali every day. It is suspected that the virus may have been present in the palace due to the presence of corona cases.


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