Home Entertainment Megastar’s Daughter-In-Law Playing with Tiger Cub

Megastar’s Daughter-In-Law Playing with Tiger Cub


In the event that you feel this pic is a charming one, even Upasana Konidela felt the equivalent and thusly, shared it for her devotees via web-based networking media stages. She was eager to take care of the tiger whelp.

Be that as it may, at that point, she pledged not to do it again as indicated by the measurements there are more tiger fledglings in the bondage than in nature. From Hyderabad, there are tigers living in the wild that is simply hrs from the city and they need our security.

The offspring possibly drinking the milk from the container, yet we realize that it would have been more joyful on the off chance that it was taken care of in the regular habitat. Subduing an offspring looks charming yet many are enquiring the area where she could discover a tiger fledgling to take care of.

Anyway, super fans appreciate her for the manner in which she is straightforward and kind-hearted.


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