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Mahesh Fans Created Craziest Trend


This is a big thing and a positive one by Mahesh Babu’s fans who created a record of sorts by beating the topmost trend to date and created their own top trend with #HBDMaheshBabu.

The superstar’s birthday trend crossed 60.05 million-mark of the previous trend #TwitterBestFandom and ent up to 60.2 million with over 1.28 lakh people participating in creating the record and this many people participating in creating a trend in itself is a record.

That means this is the biggest world record to date when it comes to top trends on Twitter. It was like a frenzy on Sunday that fans were totally hooked to check the trend and hell-bent on creating a new record and they finally did it.

This trend can be taken sportively and positively as it as the idea of the die-hard fans who wanted to break records. The humungous presence and following of Mahesh Babu on the social media platform is mostly responsible for such a big record.


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