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Megastar’s Emotionally Rewarding Gift to Her


Since yesterday, megastar Chiranjeevi has been tempting the social media users about the special video that he would be uploading, the video of him making one of his mother’s favourite recipes. He made it for her on Sunday and made the day very special.

Finally, he shared the video of the recipe ‘Chinna Chepala Chintakaya Iguru’ today. It was one of his mother’s recipes as said earlier and he wanted to prepare the dish and serve his mother her own recipe, but prepared by him.

Chiranjeevi preparation of the fish dish, his mother’s appreciation and finally both of them hugging each other is so heartwarming that there are no words to express that uplifting joy between a mother and a son.

It was pure bliss to see Chiranjeevi waiting eagerly for his mother’s appreciation while she was tasting her first morsel. Memorable moments indeed.


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