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RGV’s Outrageous Description About Her Body


Apsara Rani, RGV’s latest muse admired his biceps that he flaunted in a video that he shared last night to show off that he is fit and healthy. RGV’s ‘Thriller’ heroine responded saying that he is strong and adored his biceps.

Now RGV is RGV. He wrote her back, “Thanks but forget my biceps being nice. I must say, your exposed every square inch of each and every part of your body is fantastic and I can’t imagine how much more fantastic your clothes covered parts are.”

It looked like a private chat in a public place for many Twitterati. RGV wanted to show off that he is fit using dumbells and exposing his arm muscle, Apsara’s response added fire to his voyeuristic pleasure.

There is no one like Ram Gopal Varma that we have seen in the film industries across India and when he chooses to say something to make a point, then he does it with such detailing leaving us surprised for the extent he can go.


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