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Surya Kiran’s excellent analysis on contestants in bigg boss house


As the audience predicted, Surya Kiran got evicted from the Bigg boss season 4. He is the first contestant to leave the house this season. While leaving the house Surya Kiran was given the pictures of some animals and asked to relate those animals to the contestants. The way he analyzed the housemates’ characters and related to the animals really show his talent and observation skills.

He related Gangavva to the ant and said as an ant can carry 30 times of its own weight, she also carried 30 times more hardships in life compared to what she can handle.

    • He related TV9 Devi to Crocodile and said crocodile can live on land and water as Devi can also live anywhere. Moreover, Crocodile doesn’t attack anyone but if someone tries to harm her, the crocodile doesn’t leave them and he told Devi is also the same.

He related Monal to a peacock and said peacock knows when the rain will come but Monal doesn’t know her eyes will rain
Sura Kiran related Harika to a snake for her sharpness
Ariyana is related to an owl, the animal that has night vision. Surya Kran explained that Ariyana also has a vision on the things that others don’t have on.
He related Lasya to the donkey and told as she is the captain of the house now, she has to carry the entire burden of the house.
Noel is related to the fox and told that he is as clever as fox.
Surya Kirna related Kalyani to Monkey and told Kalyani also jumps from branch to branch.
Akhil is related to buffalo by Surya Kiran. He told Buffalo is the most useful animal but it depends on others how to utilize it.
Surya Kiran related his friend Amma Rajasekhar to Lion and told Lion should make others shiver.
He related Divi to a tortoise, who is a bit slow. But Surya Kiran told, unless a tortoise falls upside down, no one can do anything to a tortoise.
He related Jordar Sujatha to a dog and told she is most trustable person in the house.
By seeing the way Surya analyzed the contestants, the audience thought it would have been nice if such a talented person stayed in the house for a couple of more weeks. But it seems his impatience worked against him.


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