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Bigg boss season 4 today episode also full of dances and entertainment. It looked more like watching a dance show rather than a reality show, as per some audience.

Talent show:

Bigg boss today gave task to the housemates to entertain the housemates and the audience. As part of this task, Harika and Mehboob danced for ‘Top lechipoddi’ song. They took help from Amma Rajasekhar on choreographing the song. Monal and Sohail danced for “Vana vana” song while Amma Rajasekhar performed a solo dance. Noel and Lasya were judges for this talent show. Abijeeth, Akhil and Devi did a short skit. The judges awarded Mehboob and Harika the top performers award.

Akhil-Monal-Abhijeeth irritating love triangle continued:

In each season of Big boss, we see some love stories blossoming. Some stories get connected to the audience and some stories irritate them.This season, Akhil – Monal- Abijeeth triangle story is coming on the screen in each and every episode. Akhil Sarthak has been trying to get closer to heroine Monal. He was seen feeding her, and he was seen feeling jealous when she is talking to Abijeeth. Abijeeth seems to be talking to her casually but Akhil is showing the expressions of over possessiveness. Whether it is his real feeling or he is doing it for the game is not known yet but it has now become very clear that he wants to show the expression of jealousy and over possessiveness in regards to Monal.

Housemates noticed Akhil’s feelings:

Today Abhijeeth conveyed the same to Lasya and Sujatha. Though they didn’t believe initially, later they observed Akhil feeling restlessness when Monal was practicing dance movements with Sohail and confirmed on what Abijeeth said to them. Akhil is showing no hesitation to show his keenness to get closer to Monal. However, his moody nature and over possessiveness are making audience disconnect with him.

Akhil’s moody and jealous nature hampering his prospects:

Akhil seems to be not able to digest even the slightest compliment given to others in comparison with him. On the day of launch of the show, Akhil did 50 push ups on the stage. During this weekend episode, Nagarjuna very casually said to Akhil that his push ups are nothing compared to Sohail’s push ups in secret room where he did push ups carrying Ariyana on the back. But after this statement of Nagarjuna, Akhil’s face expressions quickly turned pale and he could not hide his unhappiness and jealousy in his face.

People do want to watch good love stories in reality shows but they do so when the people involved in that story are adorable and like-able. But as Akhil is too moody and Monal is ‘Narmada’ river of this season, people are finding it hard to connect to their story.


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