Home Entertainment Jagan To Gift A Plum Post To One More Film Celebrity?

Jagan To Gift A Plum Post To One More Film Celebrity?


Comedian Ali joined YSR Congress just before the elections and back then, he always maintained that he wants to become a Minister. After coming to Power, Jagan appointed some film actors in nominated posts and there were rumors that Ali was not happy.

Around one year after that Ali arrived in Jagan’s Tadepalli Residence and met the Chief Minister on Wednesday. Jagan was wearing a dress resembling the YSR Congress flag. There are speculations that he will be nominated for some plum post very soon.

Once that happens, Ali is also keen to cut down his film and TV commitments so that there is no unwanted criticism. Earlier there were rumors that he will be made the Chairman of AP Film Development Corporation but that did not happen.

On the other side, there is a criticism in the social media for Jagan and Ali not wearing masks and not maintaining social-distancing during their meeting.


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