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Production House Unconditional Sorry to Deverakonda


There had been fake auditions held in the name of Vijay Deverakonda by a production house agency from Tamil Nadu which was found out and Vijay’s team saw to that the issue was brought to the notice of the police who had been investigating the matter.

Now, the production house put forward an apology to Deveraknda telling that an agency did those fake auditions without their knowledge and they would like to take appropriate action against the people who did that.

Their apology included that they would see to that such fake auditions wouldn’t happen in the name of their production house. It’s a known thing that there was a fake casting call for heroines to act alongside Vijay Deverakonda.

Vijay didn’t announce any of his future projects after COVID hit the world and all the normalcy was totally disrupted. By the way, the name of the above-mentioned production house was Dusky Entertainments.


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