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Bigg Boss-4 Titbits: Sohel Turns The ‘Surprise’ Captain


In what can be called yet another surprise in the Bigg Boss Telugu Season-4, the ‘BB Hotel’ task ended up with an unexpected twist. Sohel Ryan won the captaincy task turning into a ‘surprise’ captain for the sixth week in the house.

While the inmates were asked to choose the best performer from guests and hotel management teams respectively for captaincy, it turned a tug-of-war between the Sohel and Mehaboob which ended up with the latter giving up. Akhil was elected from the management team and Avinash was fielded by Big Boss upon successfully completing the secret task.

The task, however, turned another challenge for the three contestants where they were asked to hold two bowls of ice cubes and stand in between a hot furnace, that too in a single position without moving. After minutes of good try, Akhil and Avinash giving up led Sohel into captaincy.

It can be noted that Sohel is one of the contestants who was nominated for elimination this week. Which implies he gets immunity from eliminations in the coming week if he survives through the eliminations this week.


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