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AP Local Elections Bigger than US Presidential Elections?


YSR Congress Government seems to be firing on State Election Commissioner, Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar once again. Minister Kodali Nani responded on Ramesh Kumar saying that he has to fall in line with the Government. “He will be here for six months. After that, he will retire and go to Hyderabad. He should work in accordance with Center and the State Governments,” Nani said.

“The Government is not ready to conduct Local Elections. With Corona around, it is not possible to bring people to Election centers. People will also hesitate their right to vote. Experts are warning a second wave of Corona cases after Dussehra. So, it is not at all advisable to have Elections at this time,” the Minister said

Interesting, we have bigger Elections like Bihar Assembly Elections the next months. The Central Election Commission, Political Parties, and the other Stakeholders did not have any objection for the Election. American Presidential Elections are also happening. But Jagan Mohan Reddy Government in Andhra Pradesh is not ready to conduct the Local Body Elections.

“jagan Government is not in favor of going for Election under Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar. Previously, there are several instances of suspicious unanimous Elections on a large scale. Nimmagadda reported it to the Central Government. Probably, Jagan is fearing that will not be possible with Nimmagadda around. He wants the Election after his tenure. Are these Elections bigger than US Presidential elections,” TDP Leaders allege.


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