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KCR Using the Same Strategy That Previously Failed Against Him


Telangana  CM KCR attended his only Public meeting for the GHMC Elections at LB Stadium. TRS has taken the meeting prestigiously and mobilized heavy crowd. KCR’s speech at the event totally took everyone by surprise and it appeared like he is bit defensive.

“Since I am going to the National Politics, they are trying to attack me and confine myself to Telangana. I am requesting you as the head of Telangana family not to fall prey for instigating speeches. The image of Hyderabad will take a beating and our real estate prices will plummet. Our properties will lose value,” KCR requested the people.

“They are trying to instigate me. I have 60 Lakh party workers but we will not get agitated. Don’t fall prey to instigating and radical speeches. The future of Hyderabad is in the hands of the youth. We should all save it,” KCR said. The usual Josh and attacking nature in KCR’s speech is totally missing and it looks like the Chief Minister is feeling the heat.

There is also a change of stance. KCR is a master in using the sentiments of the people to his advantage but now is at the receiving end. In the past, the leader of TRS opposite parties could not prevent people from getting agitated by KCR’s Speeches. They used to use the same development and ‘Damage to Hyderabad Brand’ and now KCR is using the same strategy. We will get to know on December 4th if he will succeed or not.


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