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Sonu Sood Ahead of Allu Arjun in Most-Searched List


This COVID situation has changed the fate of many celebrities and especially, many South celebrities had enough time to introduce themselves to pan-Indian audiences. Allu Arjun’s PR team used every opportunity to see that he has been in the buzz and social media platforms

In the latest Most-Searched Males list across the country on Yahoo, Allu Arjun made his place in the 10th position while deceased actor Sushanth Singh Rajput occupied the top position. The entire country rallied behind the Bollywood actor’s death that actually stirred a hornet’s nest in the form of the drug scandal.

Sonu sood‘s charity work has brought him great acclaim not only in the country but also outside the country. He won the prestigious Special Humanitarian Award by the United Nations Development Programme. It’s not a surprise when his name was on the most-searched list at position 8, ahead of Allu Arjun.

Celebrities who lost their lives during this COVID aka singer Sp balu, Rishi Kapor and Irfan Khan also made to the list of the most-searched celebrities. As if by default, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar also are among the top of the list.


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