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A Testimony of Voters’ Wisdom in GHMC polls


The GHMC elections Result is a testimony of the Voters’ Wisdom. TRS emerged as the Single Largest party winning 55 divisions, while BJP has come to a close second winning 50 divisions. Thanks to the Ex-officio votes, only TRS has the chance to win the Mayor’s seat but still falls short of nine votes.

The magic number is 102 votes while TRS has 93 (55+38 Ex-Officio votes). TRS will manage that with the help of MIM or defections. Whatever happens, it is time for TRS to learn the lesson. “You can not sit in the farmhouse when we are drowning in floods. Come out and be accessible to us. We still want you on Top but do not forget we have out B-Plan as well” – the message.

BJP with its support from the Government at the Center will try its level best to pull down the TRS Government. We have already seen them speaking about the mid-term elections. So, its time for KCR to make amends and have ears on the ground. The next three years are going to be a roller coaster ride.

Besides solving the problems of the people, KCR should also be wary of the growing Pro-Hindutva vote. If three years is a long time for him to make the necessary corrections, the same three years is also a long time for BJP to saffronize the state.


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