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Can TDP Still Stay Relevant in Telangana Politics?


Telugu Desam Party has contested in 106 divisions in the 150 divisions of the GHMC and could not open its account. This has disappointed TDP supporters big time and the supporters of other parties are mocking them for the poor performance.

However, Political experts say that TDP may still play a relevant role in Telangana Politics. In the GHMC Elections, TRS had polled 35.52% of the total votes while BJP managed 35.27%. That means a mere difference of 0.25% of votes.

In plain words, TRS is just 8,456 votes away from BJP. TDP has polled 1.66% votes in this election which will be gold dust in closely fought elections. If the same competitiveness is maintained until the General Elections, we may see alliances coming up.

TRS may team up with Congress and TDP to widen the gap. Congress has 6.6% of votes. Remember TDP did not fight to its strength in this election with even Chandrababu staying away from the campaign. Only the candidates campaigned which means the votes are polled only for the Cycle symbol.


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