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Tamannaah Star Struck, Want to Kiss Vijay Deverakonda

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Vijay Deverakonda is unquestionably the most smoking person around in the Telugu Film Industry and like basic female fans really like him, our smooth magnificence Tamannaah is by all accounts the same with regards to indicating her esteem for the ‘Arjun Reddy’ star.

Tamannaah was at Samantha’s television show ‘Sam Jam’ on Aha and when Samantha inquired as to whether she needed to break her own no-kissing proviso, who might Tamannaah want to kiss. Promptly, the smooth excellence took Vijay Deverakonda’s name and stated, “I might want to kiss Vijay Deverakonda.”

With regards to adore, love has no age, said Tamannaah when Samantha advised her that Akhil is somewhat more youthful than the smooth magnificence. Sam further prodded that she can orchestrate a gathering with Akhil and if fundamental she can likewise converse with Akhil’s dad.

It would appear that, both the entertainers made some function memories during the syndicated program and it’s acceptable to see our star champions holding with one another so well, telling wisecracks and testing each other’s sanity. It was genuine fun!


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