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Rana Birthday Gift: Ravi Anna has arrived


Rana is starring in the movie `Virataparvam`. This is a film directed by Venu Udugula. The film crew has just announced a beautiful love story set against the backdrop of naxalism. Sai Pallavi, who has just been released, also looked the same in Priyamani Looks. Today is Rana’s birthday. On this occasion, Rana’s character and look in ‘Virataparvam’ were introduced.

Rana will be seen in the role of Ravi in ​​this movie. With a gun in his hand and sharp eyes, Rana played the role of a Naxalite. For this role .. Rana also lost weight. Bahubali Ranaki has nothing to do with Virat Ranvam Ranaki. The film crew said that each character in the film has a unique identity, each character has its own presence and we have selected the appropriate actors for the role. A short teaser will also be released today at 11am.


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