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Mahesh Babu Is Freaking Handsome says Sai Pallavi


“He looks so freaking handsome. He has flawless skin and great hair. I wonder it’s impossible for a person to look that perfect. His skin just shines. He looks spotless,” Sai Pallavi was seen mouthing these words about Mahesh Babu while her eyes were literally shining when expressing her admiration for the superstar.

Despite the fact that Sai Pallavi won public acclaim with Malayalam film ‘Premam’, she similarly esteems Telugu film ‘Fidaa’ as a film that has given her certainty that she a demonstration in jobs like Bhanumati who she never can be, by and by.

Sai Pallavi has been active recently giving web interviews while her Netflix release ‘Paava Kadhaigal’ is going to be premiered on coming Friday in which she plays a pregnant girl. She has always been a game to play challenging roles without giving importance to being a glamorous heroine.

Sai Pallavi’s selection of scripts tells a lot about her except for a couple of movies she did with star heroes where there was little scope for her to perform. However, her upcoming movies aka ‘Oor Iravu’ in the anthology ‘Paava Kadhaigal’ and Telugu movie ‘Love Story’ promise that it’s the content that works for her.


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