Home Entertainment Kajal Agarwal immediately started the business, Kitched

Kajal Agarwal immediately started the business, Kitched


From the moment Kajal Agarwal and Gautam Kichlu got engaged, the tag of these kits was popular not only by Diva but also by her fans on social media. The newly married couple designed their own home and now they are investing that experience in the home decor business.

The duo came up with the idea of ​​sharing their ideas in the form of a collection of cushions to suit the style of the customers. For now, it’s only a cushion, however, the couple is planning to expand their horizons in the shape of the house.

‘Kitched’ is their home decor label name and our Kajal Agarwal label is very happy to present. Their first home after marriage, she says it all came down to their love of designing when they were designing their home.

 Celebrities in business are nothing new and Kajal Agarwal is a good thing to do anything with her husband while sharing mutual interests. Gautam fully co-operated with his career and recently he was in Hyderabad with Kajul, who resumed filming Chiru’s ‘Acharya’


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